Set it & Forget it!

Protect your investment. Purchase an extended warranty and carry on with a peace of mind.

Purchasing a CPS Repair-Master ON-Site Service Plan extended warranty is one of the smartest consumer decisions you’ll ever make. We encourage you to protect yourself from the future cost of repairing your Television by purchasing a CPS Plan! Most products come with a 1-Year manufacturer’s limited warranty but you should note that many warranties might offer 1-Year Parts and 90 Days Labor. This means if the product is defective at the 91st day of ownership and was taken to a warranty service center, the manufacturer would replace the part but you’d be responsible to pay for labor. In many cases, a part may cost a few dollars but labor might be $50 or (often) much more.

Warranty Extensions provide extended warranty coverage for parts and labor, above and beyond the term of the original manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer usually does not provide these extensions. These Warranty Extensions are offered by specialty companies who are in the business of insuring your purchase against additional labor or repair charges during the term of the extension. In some cases, they may actually replace your old defective product with a new one.

We are proud to offer CPS service extension warranties. Though CPS is totally independent of plasmatv4less, we have been offering their services to our customers for over 10 years with a very satisfactory response. Most of the CPS Repair-Master service extension warranties that we offer also cover In-Home service. This means that should your product require service an authorized service representative will visit your home or office to diagnose and repair your product.

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